QuickBooks Online Accountant is a great tool able to help you have access to your client’s books from anywhere with an internet connection so you can help them with their bookkeeping. I can provide some information about QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online for Accountants. I love that you’re sharpening your QuickBooks Online skills by going through the certification modules in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA). This is a great way to learn how to use the program so you can work with your clients and to wow your clients when you actually begin working with them.

  • If they’re a new business, you’ll want to ensure that they get going on the right foot.
  • The Quickbooks New Client Checklist is a fundamental tool for efficiently managing your clients’ financial affairs.
  • This step can also include discussion about whether QuickBooks managed payroll services are right for the business.
  • Getting a new client in a competitive market takes a lot of work and dedication.

Then assign each team member a task and attach deadlines and instructions on how you want the project done. You should also plan for an orientation meeting to brief the team members about the client, their goals, and their challenges. Many small business owners find QuickBooks intimidating which is where your bookkeeping services come in.

A Clear & Complete Client Onboarding Workflow for Quickbooks

If you need to send a card for the holidays, have a look at our holiday card templates for businesses. If you decide to keep your office open during the holiday season, you will need to keep in mind the rules around public holiday pay. Holiday dates may differ slightly from year to year, so it’s important to double-check the precise dates. Be sure to refer to your state’s laws concerning public holidays and the legal obligations for your employees, such as penalty rates and provisions for temporary shutdowns. We took a hard look at how we onboard new clients at Audience Ops, the blog content service that I started a few years earlier.

It is imperative to understand the value in a new bookkeeping client checklist. A good client onboarding checklist determines whether a customer will remain faithful to using your products. First, you need to create a space in your project management workflow for the new client. This could be a new Google Drive folder or Notion page, a board on Trello or gross profit ratio gross profit equation, a new client in your time tracking app, or anything in between. The steps you need to take to add a new client workspace will vary based on your project management tool of choice, so make sure you customize the checklist accordingly. Before agreeing to work together, take your time and review the project’s goals, achievements, and processes.

Holiday Office Closure Email Template

Additionally, it should cover the banking establishments that are used by the company. You want to ensure you are aware of all of the movement of funds within the company. This is also a good time to take inventory of any personal accounts that are linked to the company accounts that regularly contribute funds and take withdrawals. You need to make sure these payments and deposits are not incorrectly entered as income or expenses.

Create a chart of accounts

Feedback is important in any setup, and it leaves both parties satisfied. So give the client time to ask any burning questions and be ready to provide solutions. You could track all of these processes using a spreadsheet or Google Docs, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

The Quickbooks New Client Checklist is a fundamental tool for efficiently managing your clients’ financial affairs. From setting up accounts to customizing templates, this checklist covers it all, making financial management a breeze. Check out the FAQs below for additional guidance on using the Quickbooks New Client Checklist effectively. Getting a new client in a competitive market takes a lot of work and dedication. Despite that, your hard work’s success depends on your client onboarding process.

Import or input financial data:

You can use Zapier’s pre-built new client intake form template to give your clients a seamless experience from the moment of purchase. It includes a simple client hub to simplify onboarding for you and your customers. Remember to note important details during the client onboarding meeting and follow up later to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Consider factors like the number of users, features required, and budget. Before fully transitioning to Quickbooks, perform test transactions to validate that all accounts and settings are functioning correctly. Linking financial institutions allows for automatic transaction downloads, reducing manual data entry.

You can assess the client’s inventory situation and offer the best inventory services through it. Small business clients are often very savvy in their fields but may not understand the finer points of accounting. Giving them a small sample of a couple of months of accounting to review gives them something concrete to provide comments on.

When closing your office temporarily you need to be aware of the rules regarding directing your employees to take annual leave. Most awards and enterprise bargaining agreements may contain specific requirements for directing annual leave during a closedown period. These requirements can vary, so it’s important to check the award or agreement to ensure you stay compliant. As the holiday season draws near you may be thinking about temporarily closing your office. This break allows you and your employees to relax and enjoy some much-needed time off. However, to shut down for the holidays, you need to carefully plan in advance to ensure you start off your holiday seamlessly and hassle-free.

If you want to keep your clients or teammates in the loop, you can automate your project management workflows with automations like these that send project updates as messages. The success of the onboarding with a new bookkeeping client checklist project depends on how collaborative the team members are during the processing. To make work easier for your team members when onboarding a client, introduce the best collaborative tool that makes communication easier. While managing your holiday office closure requires careful planning and adherence to legal obligations, QuickBooks can be a valuable ally and help you ensure a smooth process.

Give Your Team Easy Work When Creating A Bookkeeping Checklist for New Clients

If you want to make bookkeeping easier (and less prone to human error), you can connect your payment processor to your accounting app. This way, income tracking is automatic, and you can avoid manually transferring numbers between apps. Similar to your legal onboarding tasks, your financial steps might vary based on the client. For example, you likely have your own accounting or invoice software to manage, but you might need to work within your client’s payment platform of choice.

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